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Federation of Scandinavian Paint and Varnish Technologists

Founded January 26, 1953, latest statutes revision 3 February 2011

§ 1. NAME

Skandinaviska Lackteknikers Förbund (SLF).
Federation of Scandinavian Paint and Varnish Technologists.
Vereinigung der Skandinavischen Farben- und Lacktekniker.
Fédération d’Association de Techniciens des Industries des Peintures et Vernis de la Scandinavie.


Danske Lak og Farvekemikeres Forening, (Denmark) (DLFF).
Väri- ja Lakkateknillinen Yhdistys r.y. / Färg och Lacktekniska Föreningen r.f. (Finland) (VLY).
Norsk Maling- og Lakkteknisk Forening, (Norway) (NMLF).
Färg och Lacktekniska Föreningen (Sweden) (FLFS).


1. To promote co-operation between the Scandinavian Associations.
2. To develop friendship between the members of these associations.
3. To arrange joint Scandinavian meetings, primarily the SLF congress held every three years.
4. To promote the contact between the Scandinavian Associations and the international coatings associations, via Coatings Society International (CSI) organisations.

§ 4. BOARD

4.1. Members of the Board
The Federation’s affairs are managed by a President based on the guidelines decided by the Board members. The Board members are SLF President, General Secretary, Treasurer and the national chairpersons from the four member national associations listed under § 2 (total seven members). The General Secretary and Treasurer have no voting rights. In the event of a national chairperson being unable to participate in the Board or Board meetings, the secretary or vice-chairperson, as the case may be, of the national association serves as deputy to the national chairperson.

4.2 President
The presidency is held in turn by the four national associations for terms of three years reckoned from 1 January 1953. The rotation order is Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden with the serving period starting 1 January of the first year and ending 31 December of the third year. The President is elected for three years by the national association taking over the presidency. Election is made at the annual general meeting of the national association concerned. An eligible candidate for the presidency is one who has served at national or sub-national association committee level. If the President happens to be simultaneously chairperson of their national association he/she may resign as that chairperson without this affecting his/her position as SLF President. If a President is prevented from continuing as President during his three-year period, the national association concerned must elect a new President at an ordinary or extraordinary meeting as soon as possible. During the interim period the chairperson of the national association holding the presidency, or if he/she is not available the vice-chairperson, carries out the functions of the SLF President.
The primary function of the President is to manage the Federation’s affairs between Board meetings and maintain the purpose of the SLF as per § 3 and organize the SLF congress as per § 7. The president is responsible for reporting to the Board the annual activities and economic accounting statements (income and expenses, profit and losses, capital and budget for coming year) of the SLF. The president appoints his/her own collaborators, excluding the SLF General Secretary whom is first approved by the Board members. The president also has the responsibility for ensuring that the goals for the association's journal (Färg och Lack Scandinavia) are being fulfilled and maintenance of the SLF´s official home page.
The President is responsible for handling the finances of the SLF. During change of Presidents, the out-going President and in-coming President, with assistance from the General Secretary, are responsible for re-location of the SLF bank account and transfer of all capital and documents to the in-coming President's national bank of choice. All documentation is to be archived by the General Secretary.

4.3 General Secretary
The General Secretary is nominated by the serving President during the first year of service of the President's three-year term. The nominated General Secretary is to be approved in writing by the majority of the sitting Board members. The serving term for the General Secretary starts exactly one year after the start of the sitting President's term and lasts for three years.
The function of the General Secretary is to assist the President in carrying out his/her functions in maintaining the purpose of the SLF as per § 3 and § 7. This includes organisation of Board meetings and SLF congress, documentation of minutes from Board meetings, archiving of formal SLF documents (minutes, budgets and economic statements), correspondence with international coatings associations and also to function as an active discussion partner and adviser.
In the event that the General Secretary cannot complete his/her service period, a new general secretary is to be nominated by the sitting President and approved in writing by the majority of Board members.

4.4 Treasurer
The Treasurer is nominated by the serving President at the start of service of the President’s three year term. The serving term of the Treasurer is normally three years and during the same term as the President’s. The Treasurer may serve continuous terms if the serving President and Treasurer so desire.
The function of the Treasurer is to maintain the economic accounting records for the SLF which includes invoicing, handling of bank accounts and external auditing of records. The serving treasurer may, but not necessarily also be responsible for the economic accounting records of the SLF congress.

4.5 National Chairpersons
National Chairpersons function as ordinary Board members and have the primary role of representing their national associations and maintaining the purpose of the SLF as per § 3.

4.6 Board Meetings
An ordinary Board meeting called by the President is to be held at least once a year, typically at the start of each calendar year and no later than 31 March. Notice of the meeting and agenda is to be posted no later than 28 days before the meeting. The agenda shall include the following:
   1. Review of previous minutes
   2. The Federation’s journal
   3. Matters concerning international contacts.
   4. Distribution if necessary of the Federation’s expenses or income from the preceding year among the national 
   5. Co-ordination of the SLF congress and any other meetings of the     Scandinavian associations, including distribution
        of any profit from SLF congress (see § 7)
   6. Annual activity and economic reports for the previous year, including reports from national associations
   7. Approval of budget for the coming year.
   8. Any other relevant business.
The economic reports should be checked and approved by an external auditor (see § 7.3).
Expenses in association with the ordinary Board meeting are to be borne by the SLF. The ordinary Board meeting should be complemented by at least a telephone conference involving all Board members not later than August every year.
In addition to the members of the board, one observer from each Association may be present at the Board Meetings, as an observer but with speaking rights. Any costs for this observer is to be borne by the national association sending the observer.
A special Board meeting can always be held at the request of at least two of the Board members and held either in person or via telephone/video conferencing.
Simple majority, each national association having one vote, passes all decisions. In the case of an equality of votes the President has the casting vote.
Minutes from Board meetings are to be written by the General Secretary and presented to the Board in writing within 4 weeks after the Board meeting has taken place.


SLF regularly issues a journal called Färg och Lack scandinavia, which is sent free to all members of the Scandinavian associations.
An editor is appointed by the board and manages the journal, including publication via a contract agreement with a publisher.

The editor reports to the President.


The President shall issue a report every year for the past working-year that is to be published in an early issue of Färg och Lack scandinavia in the following year.


7.1 Notifications and Date
In accordance with a decision made by the Board the President shall call a Scandinavian meeting (typically the SLF Congress) with a notice of at least four months. Such a congress is to be held every three years corresponding to the third year of service of the sitting President. The meeting shall take place in the country of the President.

7.2 Organising Committee
The President is solely responsible for organizing the SLF congress and may appoint an organising committee. Previous congress programmes should be used as a guide. An invitation should be sent to every national association such that each congress contains at least one invited speaker from each national association and selected by the national association's President. The participation costs for the invited national presentations are borne by the respective associations.

7.3 Economic Reporting and Profit Distribution
An Income and Expenses Statement and Balance Sheet are to be prepared by the President (or delegate) for the congress and are to be presented to the Board in writing within 3 months after the congress. The Income and Expenses Statement and Balance Sheet for the congress should be checked and approved by an external auditor. The choice of external auditor should be approved by the board prior to auditing.
Expenses in connection with the joint Scandinavian meeting are mainly to be covered by sponsorship and fees paid by participants to the meeting. Any profit generated by the congress is credited to the SLF bank account. Any losses are covered by the SLF. A certain percentage and maximum of 20% of the congress profit can be credited to the organising national association's bank account, after presentation of the congress Income and Expenses Statement and Balance Sheet at the annual general Board meeting. The profit can only be transferred with a majority approval of the board and after the annual general board meeting.


At the ordinary Board meeting, expenses or income in connection with the activities of the SLF can be distributed according to the financial status of the SLF between the national associations in proportion to the numbers of their members.
Profits may be only used to maintain the purpose of the SLF as per § 3 and funding of future SLF congresses. Additional workshops or one-day seminars for all the SLF members may also be organised together with other Coatings Society International (CSI) organisations. However, such activities should be planned by the President and General Secretary together and should be presented at the annual Board meeting.
The SLF bank account should be accessible by any two board members, normally the President and Treasurer.


Proposals for amendment of these by-laws may be put forward by the Board of any of the national associations. Such proposals are to be given in writing to the President who as soon as possible shall obtain the comments of the Board of SLF. The proposals with comments shall then be presented at the Annual General Meetings of the national associations for approval. If the proposals are agreed to by at least three of the Associations according to their rules for amendment, they are adopted otherwise they are rejected.
Proposals for amendment of the by-laws received by the President by February 1 shall be presented at the Annual General Meetings of the national associations the same year.


The English statutes are translated into national association's languages (Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish). In the event of any conflict the English version of the statutes are used as the ruling and deciding statutes.


Matters concerning the dissolution of the Federation are to be treated in the same way as amendments to the by-laws. Assets and liabilities are to be distributed between the various national associations in proportion to the numbers of their members.

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