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On the 26th of January 1953 representatives for the three Scandinavian Paint Technologists´ Associations in Denmark, Norway and Sweden decided at a meeting in Gothenburg, Sweden to establish a Scandinavian Federation. The Finnish Paint Technologists´ Association, founded later in 1953, became a member of the Federation in March 1954. 

The SLF is managed by a Board and executed by a president. The presidency is held in turn by the four Associations for a term of three years. The President is elected by the National Association reponsible for the term. The Board of the SLF is composed of the four Chairpersons from the National Associations and with national Vice-Chairpersons as deputies. An Ordinary Board Meeting is held once a year on notice by the President.
The SLF has grown over the past 65 years to have approximately 1100 individual members from the four Nordic countries.

Image by David Zieglgänsberger
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