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Welcome to Drammen

The port and river city of Drammen is centrally located in the south-eastern and most populated part of Norway. The city is named after the fjord (Drafn) which have also given the name to the river.

Drammen originally consisted of three small seaports, both north and south of the river. In 1662, a merger was proposed to unite two of the seaports to one city, but the proposal was rejected by the king of Denmark – Norway.  Finally in 1811 the city got a status as is single city.

Its geographical location made the city favorable for seafaring, shipbuilding, log driving, timber trade. During the 19th century, paper and pulp industries were developed and within the larger Drammen area paint manufacturing also grew up. Both Star Maling- og Lakkfabrikk (today Carboline) and Nodest with roots in a tar distillation plant was founded in the adjacent Lier community. Nodest belong today to Jotun, the sales and marketing division is still situated on the factory ground.
In recent years, the city center has seen the introduction of new housing, shopping facilities, restaurants, cafes and bars, as well as a public pathway along the river.  

Hopefully you will have time to stroll the riverbanks and breath the air in the city for the future.
The conference will take place in Quality Hotel River Station, Drammen.

The hotel is about 90 min from Gardemoen airport, the quickest way is to take the Airport Express Train from Gardemoen to Drammen Train Station. You will then find the hotel within  two minutes walking distance.

If you are coming from Torp airport (Sandefjord) then you can take a bus to Torp Train Station,
then take the train R11 to Drammen Train Station (60 min).

Contact us if anything is unclear

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